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Technical Solutions for increasing sulfur recovery and purity. Sulfur Recovery Units, also known as Claus Units, use a feedstock of acid gases from sweetening units and sour-water strippers. The feedstock is sent into a proprietary burner system, where it is burnt sub-stoichiometrically with air.

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BORN is proud to announce the recent completion of fabrication and shipping of two 3-Tier Sulfur Recovery Units. These units were fabricated to the client's approved Inspection and Test Plan covering the relevant ASME Codes and Standards and were fully complied with the Department of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

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The sulfur recovery rate of the Claus process is about 95 to 97%. The tail gas that contains unrecovered sulfur is fed to the tail gas treating unit (TGT). The recovered sulfur is stored in the sulfur pit and shipped as product after undergoing a degassing process to remove H 2 S. The Claus process is an equilibrium process, and a modified ...

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Sulfur Recovery Engineering - experts in cutting costs, reducing emissions, and optimizing SRU, Amine, and refinery performance.

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Sulfur Recovery Unit Process (Claus Process) To be specific, there are 8 steps in a complete sulfur recovery unit. Generation and collection.Sulfur steam is produced in the heat reactor where the acid gas containing hydrogen sulfide is mixing proportionally with air, which is collected from the desulfurization equipment and the acid stripping system.

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Lummus Technology specializes in providing effective sulfur control and removal solutions to the global refining industry. A true EPC company, we provide complete design-build services for Claus plant projects on a lump sum, turnkey basis.

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The main objective of this post is to describe the process controls for a typical Sulfur Recovery Unit. HDS Overview. The HDS process is used in many refineries to remove organic sulfur and nitrogen compounds from various process streams, such as reformer feed, kerosene, diesel, FCCU gasoil feed, and gasoline blending components.

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The Claus Sulfur Recovery Process. Sulfur recovery refers to the conversion of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) to elemental sulfur. Hydrogen sulfide is a by-product of processing natural gas and refining high-sulfur crude oils. There are many sulfur recovery technologies available for different applications, however the most common conversion method ...

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Black & Veatch designed and constructed the first Claus sulfur recovery unit in 1953. Since then, we have led hundreds of successful Claus sulfur recovery projects worldwide. We've also been a vital part of more than 200 tail gas treating projects.

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Numerous Sulfur Recovery Units (SRU) and / or Tail Gas Treating Units (TGTU) employing Fluor's proprietary technologies have been placed in operation over the last 15 years, including the world's largest sulfur complex with a sulfur production capacity of 10,000 MTPD, consisting of 4 x 2,500 MTPD SRU / TGTU / Liquid Sulfur Degassing Units.

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Sulfur Recovery – GT‑SPOC™ & Tail Gas Treating GT-SPOC: Rethinking Sulfur Recovery GT-SPOC is a unique technology developed and tested by ConocoPhillips and is now exclusively licensed worldwide by GTC Technology.

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Sulfur Recovery Unit (SRU): SRU is widely used to recover sulfur-containing, poisonous acidic gas in oil refinery process.The most commonly used process in sulfur recovery practice is Claus Process, which is to burn the incoming gas with oxygen, refrigerate the burnt gas and recover sulfur …

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Sulfur Recovery Technology. Ortloff Engineers, Ltd. is recognized around the world for our expertise in sulfur recovery plant design. Ortloff-designed sulfur recovery plants are well known for their ease of operation, excellent on-stream times, and long service life.

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Simplified Diagram of the AGR Process. The sulfur-containing acid gases removed by the AGR process consist primarily of a mixture of hydrogen sulfide (H 2 S) and carbon dioxide, which is inevitably captured along with the H 2 S to some degree. This serves as feed gas to a sulfur recovery process, in which sulfur is recovered as either liquid or solid elemental sulfur, or as sulfuric acid ...

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An operator selecting the optimum gas treating, sulfur recovery, and tail gas cleanup processes must choose each carefully because each upstream step can. B. Gene Goar, Elmo Nasato Goal, Allison ...

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In sulfur recovery, processing and handling, our teams provide leading expertise and proprietary technology to convert molten sulfur into solid granules. Downstream, they also bring expertise in sulfur removal from gas streams and re-melting of sulfur granules for industrial use.


Safely Recover Sulfur and Ensure Regulatory Compliance An imbalance of combustion air in the sulfur recovery unit could result in too much hydrogen sulfide or sulfur dioxide in the tail gas and possibly cause a shutdown of the entire refinery – and corrosion is an ongoing challenge.

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In sulfur recovery, processing and handling, our teams provide leading expertise and proprietary technology to convert molten sulfur into solid granules. Downstream, they also bring expertise in sulfur removal from gas streams and re-melting of sulfur granules for industrial use.

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SULFUR RECOVERY . Recommended Products: Maxcel 727 - High performance activated alumina Claus catalyst Maxcel 777 - Titania for superior COS and CS 2 conversion Maxcel 740 - Promoted alumina for O 2 conversion and sulfation guard Maxcel SD-A - …

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sulfur degassing, steam balance management, sulfur handling management, multipurpose incineration, Key Benefits. For each level of Sulfur Recovery: its adapted process; Minimization of the investment by selection of the process the most fitted with recovery requirement; Very high sulfur recovery performances: more than 99.95% with Sultimate ...

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Recovery. The sulfur recovery unit receives feed from the amine unit and the sour water stripper and converts the hydrogen sulfide into liquid sulfur. A sketch of the process is shown below. The unit also destroys the ammonia and hydrocarbons in the feed and converts them into nitrogen, water vapor and carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

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Sulfur Recovery Units Refractory Solutions. As an international leader in refractories for SRUs, HarbisonWalker International's refractory products ensure that SRU reaction furnaces operate reliably when faced with high temperatures, increased throughput, and harsh, corrosive environments.

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Sulfur recovery takes place in a series of two steps: Claus Process and SCOT Process [3]. In the Modified Claus Process, partial combustion of H 2 S takes place to generate SO 2 that is reacted with the remaining H 2 S to recover sulfur as elemental sulfur.

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The Oberlin Filter is a natural choice for dewatering elemental sulfur from varying amine processes providing a dry filter cake. The filter has the capability to provide an excellent filter cake wash for chemical recovery and solids purity.

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Sulphur recovery efficiencies of over 99.9% are being specified on some projects. In order to achieve this, Shell Catalysts & Technologies offers a portfolio of sulphur recovery technologies catering for the full range of sulphur removal capacities that can be integrated parts of complex gas cleaning line-ups to provide safe, reliable and easy ...


Sulfur recovery - EUROCLAUS® process Applications: The EUROCLAUS® process recovers elemental sulfur from H2S-containing gases originating from gas treating and sour water stripper plants. The EUROCLAUS® process is an improvement of the SUPERCLAUS® process. Yields from 99.3 up to 99.5% overall sulfur recovery, without any further ...

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Sulfur Recovery Process Tail Gas Incinerators The tail gas resulting from the upstream Claus unit contains sulfur-bearing compounds that must be incinerated in order to oxidize the various compounds to sulfur dioxide and sulfur trioxide. The incineration process typically occurs between 1200-1600OF (650-

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Attendees will leave with a solid understanding of sulphur recovery and tail gas clean-up units and will receive key textbooks on the subjects to facilitate ongoing study. Attendees will also have the opportunity to interface with leading suppliers in the industry who will present technical papers at this seminar.

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The Claus process is the most significant gas desulfurizing process, recovering elemental sulfur from gaseous hydrogen sulfide.First patented in 1883 by the chemist Carl Friedrich Claus, the Claus process has become the industry standard.C. F. Claus was born in Kassel in the German State of Hessen in 1827, and studied chemistry in Marburg before he emigrated to England in 1852.

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The right sulfur recovery process is the least expensive process that will reliably achieve the required sulfur recovery efficiency. The sulfur recovery efficiency required for a given plant is almost always dictated by environmental regulations, which vary from state to state and from country to country.

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